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16th - 23rd of April | Assembled by Alfie Sellers

As stars sit veiled by the light that leaks from street lamps & signage, you find yourself inside staring into space; at textured ceilings, lampshades & ceilings fans. You gaze up at these happenstance renderings of spaceships & space stations & think about the strangers inside. You spot one lingering in the airlock & they turn to look at you. These are the last days before The Super Lamination...

This ^ is for dusk or late afternoon. Put it on while you're scrolling, sitting around, staring at the ceiling or fixing dinner.

...In these strange days of screen share & stale air you live the lifestyle of the inside person, the self reliant & the recluse. The out going go-outs sit alone scrolling & sleeping, longingly looking at the loner’s inventory. 

Those in the domes no longer recruit fit 'it guys' to go to space, but those acquainted with long stretches inside, artificial light, & screen glare. It is the streamers & shut-ins that haunt the corridors of your lamp shade. It’ll be the introverts & RPG players that form our first lunar colonies…

Limmy: Dee Dee Moon Sketch (2011)

series 2 episode 1 of Limmy's Show

Limmy is an inside person. Catch him tonight on his Twitch or in his aptly titled solo television series Limmy’s Homemade Show. Limmy says that lockdown has made no difference to his life.

Screenshot 2020-04-12 at 22.39.40.png

Blkaggin: Untitled (2019)

courtesy of the Artist

…Already alien are the days of hanging out, holding hands & sharing air. These are the days of indoors, of dry faces & laptop fans. You feel fine & sleepy & incidental. You are the long-haired layabouts of the foreseeable, the happenstance hippies of these futuristic days of airlocks & free trials. Be love online & on the telephone.


These are the last days before the Super Lamination, the spheres, the Utopia of Love.

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