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As a newly formed collective and space we are excited about our future. SOFT SPOT exists in its early stages, its very beginning, and we want to embrace this fact.  A good beginning holds a problem in its most basic form and it is through the rigorous and creative interrogation of this problem that an idea evolves in unexpected ways. And so PILOT will encourage and facilitate the sharing of ideas to help us shape our development.


We have invited a group of artists to contribute and collaborate with us for an installation which considers the embryonic stages of ideas: the still-forming, the malformed, and the often discarded and unseen workings behind an artwork.

Featuring Artwork from: Alkmini Gousiari, Alice Vincent-Barwood, Caitlyn Main, Cerys Lloyd, Emil Sandstrom, George Watson, Jess Carnegie, Katy Morrison, Kate Jane Robinson, Keely Hohmann, Maria Lopez, Nathan Taylor, Otis Jordan, Tyler Hyde, Robin Broadley, Rory Spencer, Sam Della-Valle.

26th September till 2nd October 2019

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