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The august heat hovers / a particular density of light / static click 

of hot oil / a smell bends into the air / On the pull-down screen 

a velcro ripple of expectation / millions upturned on a tasselled hill-side /

a slackening of millions of office telephones / a million soundless 

dips on the power grid / Years from now / bars of black plastic glint the 

waxy sheen / of claw-like things found coiled in the interspace /


Eyes now upturn / a lens cap clicks / the dark O of a throat and 

language beating / moth-like against it / millions of cries come steaming 

off balconies / licked along a vein-blue rim / surgical precision / skims 

to kiss / the earth ecdysial / day slipped off like a dress / 


Slowly light re-thumbs the cheek / a dawn rolls back / on millions of folding 

chairs / and tin-foil picnics / the wrack zone left / by an emptying tide /

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