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Happenstance doppelgangers Paige Silverman and Georgia Robenstone present a new collaborative body of work for Soft Spot’s fourth show Right Down The Middle. This collaboration emerges out of the similarities Paige and Georgia observe between each other, and the resemblances perceived by others. The relationship between the two artists then becomes allegorical for liminal and intertwined spaces of second-glances, collective or personal déjà vu, doubling and reversing; which is explored through multimedia installation. To imagine re-watching The Parent Trap (1998) through Lindsay Lohan’s body double, Erin Mackey’s eyes might act as more distinct introduction to this body of work – your body without your face, your essence without your voice and your paycheque with significantly fewer zeros than that of your carbon copy’s. Through collaboration with their abstracted doppelganger, the artists hope to gain clarity on aspects of their practice which attend to these themes.  For Paige Silverman; to mistake a hose as a snake. For Georgia Robenstone; to find the name of the street on which you were born replicated 3000 miles away in your new home.

27th February til 14th of March 2020

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